New Jersey Burn Victim Assistance

Suffering a serious burn injury can be devastating to the person injured and their loved ones.  Burn injuries can be physically, emotionally and financially straining on everyone involved.  The following is a list, albeit not a complete list, of resources burn victims can use to help with the financial burdens of a burn injury.  You should keep in mind that pursuing some of the options below may limit your ability to seek assistance from others.  You should contact an attorney or another trusted professional prior to making any decisions about financial assistance.

Compensation from Persons or Entities that Contributed to the Injury

Anyone who sustains a severe burn injury will have staggering medical bills and may continue to require specialized medical care, modifications to their home and in-home assistance for a significant period of time.  If a third party contributed to the injury, it may be possible to recover compensation from them.

Social Security Disability

Patients can file a disability claim with social security.  This process can be handled alone, although we recommend you contact an attorney who specializes in disability claims to assist you.

Disability Insurance

If you have disability insurance privately, through your employer, or as part of another insurance policy, you may be eligible to file a disability claim.  You can contact your insurance broker or an attorney for assistance in evaluating this option.

Worker’s Compensation

If you suffered a burn injury while in the course of your employment, a worker’s compensation claim may be filed against your employer.  It is important that you immediately report any such injury to your employer and you should also contact an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation claims to ensure your rights are preserved.

Health Insurance

Most medical plans held with major health insurers cover treatment for burn injuries including surgery and rehabilitation.

Foundations and other charitable organizations

There are several foundations and charities that will provide assistance to burn victims and their families.