New Jersey Workplace Burn and Explosion Injury Lawyer

A significant portion of all serious burn injuries requiring hospitalization occur at work.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), estimates that hundreds of workers die each year and thousands are injured in workplace explosions and fires.  Workplace-related burns can result from fires, contact with hot machinery and explosions.  Electrical, radiation, and chemical burns are also injuries that occur as a result of dangers present in many workplaces.

Thermal workplace burns can be caused by steam or other hot substances resulting in steam and scald injuries. Thermal burns can also be caused by flames, hot objects, and explosions. Thermal burn injuries usually affect the skin, but can also affect the respiratory tract if inhaled.

Chemical exposure injuries usually result in a more severe type of burn. Strong bases, acids or other caustic and corrosive materials can damage the skin and underlying tissue. These chemical burns usually occur in laboratories, factories, and other industrial sites where these dangerous chemicals are used or stored.

Electrocution injuries at work can be particularly devastating.  When an electrical current travels through your body it meets resistance from your tissues resulting in heat that damages tissue and vital organs.  Workplace safety laws require high voltage areas and dangerous machinery to be clearly marked.

Many workplace burn injuries are preventable and OSHA has specific recommendations regarding fire safety in the workplace.  OSHA advises that employers should train workers about fire hazards in the workplace and about what to do in a fire emergency. If an employer wants workers to evacuate in an emergency, the employer must train them on how to escape.  If an employer expects its workers to use firefighting equipment, it should give them appropriate equipment and train them to use the equipment safely.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a vehicle fire, then you may have legal recourse against the person or entity responsible. Contact a New Jersey Workplace Burn and Explosion Injury Attorney today.  Mr. Mendelsohn will review your injury claim for free, and represent you on a contingent fee basis, which means you don’t have to pay any attorney fees unless you recover on your claim. We’ll fight to ensure that you and your family are fully compensated.