Elizabethtown Gas Explosion Settlement

Mr. Mendelsohn and his law firm recently reached a $19.2 million settlement with the parent company of Elizabethtown Gas.  This matter arose out of a deadly gas explosion which took place on November 11, 2015, at an apartment building located at 1035 Magnolia Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey.  The explosion left three family members  dead and three others with serious burn injuries.  The explosion also killed one of the tenants in the upstairs apartment who brought a separate action which has now settled.

It was alleged that the explosion was caused by the negligence of Elizabethtown Gas and one of their employees who opened a gas valve in the apartment which allowed gas to flow out of an uncapped gas line.  After gas flowed unabated into the structure for 20 hours, the building exploded, completely destroying it was well as the two adjacent buildings.  Elizabethtown Gas denied that they or their employee was negligent or the cause of the explosion.

After years of hard-fought litigation, we were able to reach this landmark settlement which is believed to be one of the largest burn injury settlements in New Jersey history.  If you or someone you love was injured in a fire or explosion they should contact a contact a New Jersey Explosion Injury Lawyer today.  Mr. Mendelsohn will review your burn injury claim for free, and represent you on a contingent fee basis, which means you don’t have to pay any attorney fees unless you recover on your claim. We’ll fight to ensure that you and your family are fully compensated.



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