Man Killed in Fire Caused by Smoking and Oxygen Tank Combination

John Heemer of Newton, New Jersey died today in a fire in his Brookside Terrace apartment.  Officials from the Newton Fire Department are still investigating, but they believe the fire was accidental and likely caused by a combination of cigarette smoking and an oxygen tank. Newton Police Officers were the first on the scene of this two-alarm fire, but could not enter the apartment due to the fire and smoke.  By the time that Newton Firefighters... Read More

Cigarette Causes Fire in Middletown That Kills Four People

Middletown Fire Caused by Cigarette Kills Four People Stephen Banovich, a resident in Middletown, New Jersey at 135 Statesir Place awoke on April 19, 2011 to a knock on his bedroom door from his sister-in-law who claimed she smelled smoke.  Banovich went downstairs to investigate the smoke.  By the time he had gotten downstairs, the fire had already spread and forced him from the house.  Despite efforts by Banovich and his neighbors, they could... Read More